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          1. ?Welcome to Fort William Historil Park!

            FW Historic Site

            The Fort William historic site is currently open Wednesdays through Sundays from 10:00am-5:00pm.

            The mpground is now open 7 days a week offering serviced sites.

            FWHP Farmers with Farm Animals
            The Farm Animals are Baa-ck!
            Fort William Historil Park is delighted to announce the return of its farm animals! Due to challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic our animals were being red for offsite for the past few months. We are happy to see the return of our old animal pals as well as some new additions to the farm family. We look forward to sharing another great experience with you at Fort William Historil Park.?

            Fort William Historil Park remains committed to the health and safety of our community, employees and visitors! We are working to implement a phased approach to reopening which is aligned with public health measures and recommendations.

            The construction of our new access road is well underway, however it is not open for public use at this time. Please continue to use King Road to access Fort William Historil Park. Thank you.

            Bienvenue au parc historique du fort William !


            Le parc historique du Fort William reste attaché à la santé et à la sécurité de notre communauté, de nos employés et de nos visiteurs. Nous travaillons à la mise en place d’une approche progressive de la réouverture qui s’aligne sur les mesures et recommandations de santé publique.


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            Fort William Historil Park is one of the largest living history attractions in North Ameri, devoted to re-creating the days of the North West Company and the nadian fur trade.?With 57 heritage and modern buildings on 250 acres, Fort William offers a vivid and rich tapestry of fur trade life, running the gamut from culture to crafts, medicine to business, domestic life to heritage farming.

            Some of nada's most renowned explorers were also connected to the NWC, including Simon Fraser, Sir Alexander Mackenzie and David Thompson, which is inditive of how the fur trade played a key role in forming the foundations of nada.?

            Aside from its comprehensive historil program, Fort William Historil Park is also a multi-functional operation, offering a variety of programs including overnight experiences, edution programs, artisan workshops, conferences, banquets, festivals and recreational opportunities.

            We are pleased that you are interested in Fort William Historil Park. We hope that you will find the information that you require on this site. We look forward to hosting your visit here in the future.

            Your adventure in the nadian fur trade awaits!

            ?#SafeTravels Stamp